Your Wedding-Making it Personal

A wedding, is a wedding, is a wedding! Not so if you take the time to add a few personal touches that really speak to who you are as a couple. Paying close attention to a few details will make your wedding stand out in guest’s memories but not completely break the bank.

Are you winter people? Embracing your favorite season of the year for your big event can begin to let you surround yourself with reception décor that really speaks to you personally. If you love the cold winter, ditch the pastel flowers and go for stark icy touches. Furry wraps for the ladies, bare branches surrounded by candles on tables, an urn of warm cider, or a cake resembling a snowy mountain will remind people of the season. Like to ski? Table cards named for your favorite mountains and escort cards that look like lift tickets can add to the theme.

Choosing an offbeat location for your reception will also make yours standout in the list of weddings your guests have attended. Depending on your own interests, you can choose from art galleries, museums, town halls, libraries and even zoos. Many daytime attractions have venues available for rental after hours for all types of events including wedding receptions. Having your reception in an unusual location will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

If you love travelling, plan a menu that takes your guests around the world. Your caterer will be able to help you select a country’s cuisine for each course. Have your table cards and escort cards match the theme. Dinner music can be used to set the mood for each course. Guests will enjoy the adventure and be talking about it long after the wedding day.

If you come from a close knit family, you may want to include that as a theme at your wedding. Consider having all the children in the families play a role. Display family pictures around your reception hall including wedding photos of the parents and grandparents. Have your musicians play wedding songs from the past. (you can ask your invited guests to list their own wedding song on the response card)

Making your wedding an extension of your personality should be fun and not stressful. Working with an experienced wedding planner will be helpful in brainstorming ideas and also editing them to keep your celebration from becoming a spectacle. The right wedding planner will understand exactly the feel you are trying to convey to your guests and carry out your plan.

There is nothing wrong with a traditional wedding reception. But for the couple that wants to put their personal signature on theirs, the possibilities are endless.

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