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Almost anyone can plan an event when the budget is limitless, but planning the event of your dreams on a shoestring takes a little bit of maneuvering. A recent bride and her fiancé had all the big pieces in place when they called on us to help them pull it all together. They were clearly at the point of pinching pennies when we met, to the degree that there might not be centerpieces on the dining tables. “How could that be?,” we lamented. And this is what separates Stela from other event planners! We love a challenge and we respect a budget. Now we are not floral designers and certainly do not intend to take anything away from those talented people who do it for a living. Luckily, however, we have put a few arrangements together over our event planning years. After some conversation about how much money could be squeaked out for centerpieces and with a bride who was confident she could arrange flowers with a sample to follow and an army of friends and family to help, we left to think about a solution. We brainstormed some ideas and came up with a container that cost pennies compared to fancy vases usually seen at your neighborhood florist. We checked in with the floral designer who was creating the couple’s bouquets at Stop & Shop ( for the colors and types of flowers she planned to use and one beautiful Saturday afternoon we cut and arranged various designs using more of the less expensive flowers and just a touch of the statement flowers. We used interesting, affordable fillers and the result was incredible. The next day our bride could choose the style centerpiece she wanted for her reception staying within her floral budget and we could breathe again knowing her tables would not be naked!

Chris and Danielle’s wedding was beautiful. The time they took planning their wedding day was well spent. Stela was there early on the wedding day to put their plan into action. We met with Matthew’s Catering ( and Arrow Paper Party Rental (, setup the venue, placed their special touches and, because Stela was able to listen to a problem and develop a solution, set the beautiful centerpieces that reflected both their taste and talent. Dashing over to the Noank Baptist Church (, we were able to ready the music, meet the photographer (, set the altar, organize a very large wedding party and get the ceremony started. As the bride stepped off, part of the team returned to the Groton Long Point Yacht Club ( to be sure everything was perfect for the guests when they arrived. After a quick consult with Deejay Derrick Williams ( we were ready to get the party started. Following the ceremony, the remaining half of the Stela team quickly led the wedding party and family to the photo area, directed the guests to the Yacht club and tidied up the church.

Chris and Danielle’s wedding is a clear example of the value of Stela’s ”Day of Wedding Coordination Package.” We love to think outside the box to solve problems and help couples carry out the wedding vision of their dreams on a budget they can afford! Call us! Let us make your next gathering a Stela event!

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