What about registering?

To register or not to register, this is Steeple at Sea Ferry Churchalways a question we hear from soon to be brides and grooms. More than not, their answer is not to register because they “don’t need anything.” That may be the case but gifts aren’t always about needing something. Our advice is to register for something you would like to have but won’t buy for yourself. You may want to think about luxurious new linens for he bed or special dishes or table linens. Your flatware may not all match, your pots and pans may be a mix of his, hers and borrowed! You can even register for gift cards from big box home stores. The issue here is that if you don’t register for things you would like to have, your guests will decide what they think you should have. While you love your family and friends, chances are they don’t have the same taste you have in home decor So register…you have nothing to lose and may gain some great new stuff!

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