Wedding Invitations!

I am as big a fan of shopping online for bargains as the next person but sometimes it just can’t compare with the real deal.

Tonight we met with one of our brides and a member of the Stela Design Team, Patti Murphy of Seed Factory. Patti is a young graphic designer with fresh ideas and a gentle disposition. It was so much fun to watch our bride’s eyes light up as she found the perfect invitation for her and her soon to be groom.

We all know the importance of watching dollars when embarking on planning a wedding. But when it comes to the internet, sometimes you get what you pay for. Not everyone receiving an invitation will save it for posterity, but it is what speaks for you as it arrives in everyone’s mailbox. Our bride is no pushover and is certainly internet savvy with the latest in high tech electronics tucked in her purse. As she spoke with Patti, it was clear she had done her homework and was familiar with invitation designs, fonts, paper weights and prices. Even with all she knew, Patti was still able to pull something new and fresh out of her portfolio that just fit the bill. When push came to shove, Patti could provide her with something she had never seen on the internet at an extremely reasonable price. That, my friends, is the real deal.

You can learn more about Patti on her website, or on FB at Some of Patti’s designs can also be seen in the window of Melissa Ashley Brides in downtown Westerly. Stela Parties is certainly lucky to have her on the team.

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