Wedding Gowns!

Sometimes I forget the excitement I felt shopping for my wedding gown. But on Sunday, each person at the Westerly Bridal Meet and Greet had a chance to experience a perfect wedding gown moment. We had all been watching off and on while a newly engaged young woman tried on dress after dress. Suddenly all of our attention was attracted to the “stage” where all the brides stand while trying their perspective gowns. This beautiful bride to be was brought to tears as she caught a glimpse of herself in the most beautiful gown she had tried that day. All of us watching her were weeping at the realization of the joy she was feeling. The photographer in attendance called it a “movie moment”. I think he was right. So precious, so touching, so joyful! It certainly brought me back long ago to those moments I loved about planning my wedding. I feel so privileged to be able to share those moments with the couples I assist in their wedding planning. This weekend we will be there with yet another couple as they experience the magical moments of getting married. Best of luck C&C.

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