Wedding “Day of Event Coordination”

Today’s bride knows what she wants her wedding to look and feel like from start to finish. Most can even plan the whole thing. The wild card is putting it all together on the big day. How can the bride squeeze in setting up the ceremony and reception site into her already busy day? How will she make sure things start on time, go smoothly, and oversee all of the behind the scenes hustle and bustle? Details are what makes an event look polished so nothing should be left to chance. After all, the bride puts a great deal of work into planning everything! This is where an event planner comes in handy.

The latest in wedding planning is the “day of event coordination.” Your wedding coordinator will meet with you about a month before the big day to hear all the plans and get all the details. She will make sure she is clear on your exact vision for the day. A good planner will go through a check list with you to be sure no detail is left out. Emails and phone calls will be exchanged over the final weeks of preparation and at the final meeting the coordinator should present you with a custom time line of minute by minute plans for your day. She can also take possession of everything going to the ceremony and reception. From that moment on the bride does not worry any further about the day!

On the day of the event, the coordinator will arrive at your reception site with all your supplies and special touches to place everything where you planned. Pictures, favors, special gifts, menus, candles, place cards…she will be your eyes and ears as the room comes together. Making sure tables are placed where you want them, she will oversee table setting, placements of decorations, and every detail you planned for your reception site. She will coordinate with your musicians or Deejay to be sure announcements are the way you want them, in the order you planned. She will work with your caterer and your baker to be sure the food and cakes are exactly as you ordered. She will be your personal representative leaving no stone unturned.

The coordinator will make sure the ceremony site is exactly as it should be and will place your personal touches. Then she will make sure everyone is where they need to be and get the ceremony started at just the right time!

Some brides think they can entrust these details to friends or relatives. While this seems like a great idea or a smart way to save some money, it doesn’t always go the way you planned. Perhaps your friend arrives late or thinks her ideas are better than yours. Maybe your friend or relative isn’t diplomatic while dealing with the site staff. Sometimes people aren’t detail oriented like you may be. A friend or relative may not be looking at things the way a professional does. A professional has one purpose on your wedding day…to be sure your wedding looks and feels exactly how you imagined.

Many wedding sites now come with a wedding coordinator. While these people will be very helpful to the bride, they represent the site and not the bride and groom. An independent wedding coordinator’s only obligation is to the bride and groom. This allows her to work with all vendors (including the on-site coordinator) while still being your advocate.

Day of event coordination is not particularly expensive considering the total cost of your wedding. Think of it as an insurance policy to guard against unwanted surprises. Having a consultation with a professional coordinator is an easy way to see if the day of event coordination is a smart move for you. It may be the best wedding gift you give yourself!

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