The Wedding Day

It is always fun to go to a wedding. Butwhen you have been up to your elbows in the planning of a wedding, itis a totally different experience than being just a guest.

On Saturday, our most recent bride arrived early to have her hair and makeup completed by her very capable attendant. Their dressing room was full of nervous chatter and laughing as the other attendants arrived. During the morning, other well wishers knocked on their door hoping to snag a glimpse of the bride before it was time.

It was definitely a different story on the other side of that door. Thecaterer had arrived and the staff was carefully arranging each placesetting being sure that every fork and spoon was perfectly placed. The florist was coming in and out, arms filled with arrangements, boutonnières and bouquets. The baker lovingly carried in pie after wedding pie. (mmm, these turned out to be sinfully delicious.) We were setting place cards and menus, arranging picture frames, scattering votives and completing other last minute decorating.

When at last the moment had come for the bride to meether groom, we led her and her attendants through a secret passage belowthe church so as not to spoil that incredible moment when their eyeswould meet down that long aisle. As the church was filledwith the incredible music of a gifted musician and his choir, off shewent on her journey into married life.

While all this was going on,preparations continued in the reception hall as the musicians arrived,candles were lit and hors d’oeurve trays prepared. I love the excitement of last minute preparations to be sure everything will look perfect and seem effortless.

At last, the ceremony was complete and after the kiss, the bride and groom started back down that aisle as husband and wife. On their way, they grabbed her son and his daughter by the hand and processed together out of the church. It may have been the most touching moment of the day. There was no one in the church unaffected by that show of family unity.

Pictures were taken and the party began! Thearoma of delicious food, the sounds of great music, and the warmth ofwell wishing friends and family filled the air for the rest of the day. We wish this wonderful couple and their children a long life of good health and happiness.

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