Stela is a mother-daughter team made up of Stephanie Barber and Elaine Headley based out of Southern Rhode Island.  Elaine has years of experience in developing and planning successful events.  Stephanie has an extensive history in the field of advocacy.  This skill translates well to the event planning world as planners are often advocates for their clients.  In 2007, after years of organizing community events as well as planning parties and weddings for friends and family together, they decided to officially form Stela.

Stephanie and Elaine each bring different design, organizational styles, and experiences to the table.   These differences complement each other to ensure that each event is beautiful and flawlessly executed.  Both have unique perspectives on each event Stela plans and when combined, a well-thought out and perfectly planned event is delivered.  With exceptional attention to detail, Stela is dedicated to making every party and event memorable.

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