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I am on a budget, aren’t Wedding Coordinators expensive?
On the contrary, a coordinator can actually help to keep you on budget.  Stela Parties and Events offer wedding packages starting as low as $795.  Stela respects and welcomes working with a known budget.  We will work with you to prioritize each line item and assist in locating supplies at the best possible price. Stela will connect you to the best vendors that meet your needs and fit your budget.  Working with a coordinator may actually help to save money by avoiding last minute purchases that can really drive up expenses.

I am having a small wedding.  Do I really need a Wedding Coordinator?
The number of guests does not dictate how special your wedding day should be.  The important details for a small wedding are the same as for a large wedding.   No event is too large or too small for Stela Parties and Events.  As a small business we can offer you the personalized attention each bride deserves no matter what the size of the event.

Why do I need a Wedding Coordinator if my friends are going to help me?
It is great to have friends who are willing to help.  However, it is sometimes hard to be honest with them about exactly what you want and how you want it done.  It’s not that their ideas are bad; they just may not be your vision.  You may feel like you have to hold back with what needs to be done so as to not overburden or offend them.  Wouldn’t you rather have your friends be there enjoying the day with you?  The event coordinators at Stela Parties and Events are paid to do exactly what you want.  No need to hold back!

I have already planned everything, what can a Wedding Coordinator do for me?
Stela Parties and Events can plan a wedding from start to finish for you.  But, if you have already planned every detail of your day, you just need to have someone who can carry out your plan the way you envisioned it.  Stela Parties and Events can be there for you on your special day to ensure that things are coordinated perfectly.  Everything will happen exactly as you planned.  Your day will look and feel just as you always imagined.

Let’s sit down and talk about your day.  Call 401-688-6659 or email to schedule your free initial consultation.

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