Facelift, anyone?

Many of us go to annual events this time of year. Bazaars, fundraisers, dinners are bountiful throughout November and December. I really enjoy looking forward to chatting with people I may only see once a year, wandering through the crowds, smelling the familiar aromas of the season and hearing the sounds of holiday joy! What I don’t enjoy is the predictability of some of these events. Those who manage them best, shake them up a little each year. Much like commercial retailers moving our favorite things to other parts of the store forcing us to discover merchandise we never knew existed, designers of bazaars and fundraisers need to help their attendees rediscover why they love attending their event.

Stela is now offering a special consultation for non-profits. Stela will meet with your planning committee to hear about your event and learn its history. We will then prepare a comprehensive, revised plan for your organization to give your event a facelift! Finally, we will meet with your event chair to discuss our suggestions and develop a plan to implement them. These services are affordable at $75. Call STELA at 401-688-6659 or email ailtoinfo@stelaparties.com to assist your favorite non-profit in making their event the community showpiece it once was.

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